Apple Music Event held in San Francisco September 7, 2005, thought-provoking: what was it? The phone was from Motorola, which I sold Cingular, Apple added to its IOS own program, as once I placed her in the AppStore…

This opus was not planned. Blame YouTube. I was looking for video from an Apple event that happened on 12 October 2005 (where he announced the fifth generation iPod with video support, iTunes 6 and what interested me – the iMac G5 with built in iSight camera), and even…FOUND!

But as it turned out, it was a video recording of another event. I remember – I watched it back then in 2005…Looked surprised (phone from the Apple waited, but this is not impressive,rejection did not cause).

On the resource already has an article about the ROKR, and the comments to it – links to two parts of the article.

About Motorola ROKR: I know for sure that it was not a bad Apple nor an attempt to substitute Motorola (she exposed herself). It was a reconnaissance, in the new field of “Apple” interests, and subtle mockery of Motorola is the ROKR compare with iPod Shuffle – but the mockery Motorola was asking for it.

The only way to do something along with the jobs – to do something as he sees Steve. If the ROKR (or what could be called “Apple Motorola” at the end) hit the target… Imagine what it would have been then.

The only mobile operator, has reluctantly agreed to support non-standard and do not fit into any of the usual operators of the scheme iPhone in 2007, it became Cingular Wireless. Without it, the iPhone was doomed to failure. And don’t be Motorola ROKR, no “field of distortion of reality” Steve would not have helped.

The phone itself, again, was no worse and no better then my Nokia – which had access to iTunes, but it never bothered me. About the ROKR, my opinion was “maybe this is interesting – but not for me.” Moreover, to become a Cingular subscriber I in 2005, there was no way – I lived in Russia.

Apple Music Event

Here is a video of this event (duration 45+ minutes, the event lasted an hour and a half):

In my opinion, everything was very modern. Or 2005 – this is the time when the present in which we stood, like a prehistoric insect in clear resin, turned to stone over millions of years?


First, about the success of the iTunes Music Store (impressive: before the first billion songs sold remained only half a billion), cooperation with car manufacturers… A whole year and a half before this no one believed in the success of this adventure.

Then about 5 iTunes. This version lived even less than the experts took the iTunes Music Store in 2003: month and five days. iTunes 6 was released 12 Oct 2005.

Usually all this “entertainment” flies past me. The most exciting in the world of a computer game’s programming… But iTunes Music Store is an exception. And iTunes all versions, there was, there was always background to my favorite game. And protection from noise alien to my world people.

Next was the ROKR.

iPod Shuffle with mobile phone

To be honest, the idea of the Shuffle (120 songs that are played in a random order) I did not understand then and do not now understand. A similar mode in iTunes I use when the mood is right – but to this mode was the only… no!

In my time, in jest, offered a variety of “technology Shuffle.” The choice of route in the bus, ordering food and alcohol in the restaurant, crossing the street with heavy traffic is not the transition… Press the button, and watch with interest what happens this time.

I can’t help feeling that the iPod Shuffle was a joke. Sophisticated mockery.

When I watched this video the first time, it makes me… suspicious? Or surprised? The first Apple phone was not Apple, and not for me. The Motorola ROKR, regardless of technical possibilities (the size of the memory card), you can download it from iTunes on a Mac or PC is only a hundred songs. the iPod Shuffle was funny (probably, not tried), until you get bored, and beyond easy to use. ROKR was burdened with additional functionality (it was also a phone).

I don’t see anything bad and vicious in the “universal” devices – if they are done right, and all their capabilities organically and naturally get along with each other. In ROKR I didn’t notice – but perhaps just due to the fact that I have not tried it.

My colleague on one of the last places of work, Tim from Boston, got a Motorola ROKR E1 as a gift. His opinion: “acceptable, but I wish I’d never bought”. He talked just on the phone.

The brutal murder (pre-award)

Eldar Murtazin called the presentation of the iPod nano automatically after the presentation of Motorola ROKR peak of bullying at Motorola. I don’t come to mind, but seems to be true.

Just not releasing the iPod nano to date Apple Music Event, even more so to develop it specifically for this, no one would. Coincidence – but successful.

I liked more. How Steve introduced the iPod nano.

First, he “awarded” iPod mini “the highest order of the Apple Empire”, noting his contribution to the strengthening and other services. This is the most popular iPod. Brings profits. Out of 6.2 million iPod sold since July until 7 September 2005, the iPod mini had at least three million (this is from me).

And then… iPod mini “executed”. The project was closed. Crazy villains, creating mayhem?

No. It was decided to replace iPod nano – the same 1,000 songs (or 500 – depending on the model), 4 GB RAM (or 2), two colors… Designed from scratch, using modern technologies. And it’s not a Shuffle, is a real product.

The theme of “What will be the Mac nano?” was actively discussed, with the use of all weapons on all Mac devices forums in the world. Mentioned Intel, ARM, CPUs from a secret hangar 51 (if bought by Apple from the Feds in 1982)…

It was funny because I was just reading.

Hello, Moto!

For Motorola ROKR E1 was followed by other models ROKR, without iTunes, they were sold, more or less, and special claims to it was not. As fanatics, taking the night turn to be the first who will buy the new model.

This Motorola, the company behind the world’s first commercially successful car radio, one of the first who developed a very good TV, member of the lunar program, the space Agency of USA, the developer of a revolutionary MC 6800 and MC 68000…

The company, over time, grow. Stop doing stupid things. Suchaut. And is not capable of madness – namely the madness of changing the world, sometimes even improving it, at least for a while. Guessed which company I’m referring to?