The October update for Windows 10 resulted in a violation of the health app to iCloud, on the most updated computers. About this 9To5Mac reports with reference to the official Microsoft support website. According to the confirmed information, the resulting failure prevents synchronization of photos and other warehouse functions. However, as explained representatives of the company, in a short time the problem will be resolved by the efforts of developers Apple and Microsoft.

“Apple developers have identified problems with iCloud for Windows (version preventing the update or synchronization of the albums after you install update Windows 10, version 1809, the site says Microsoft. Users trying to install application (version, you will see a message stating that this version of iCloud for Windows is not supported and the installation will fail. In order to ensure comfortable use Microsoft suspends distribution of updates of Windows 10 for devices with iCloud (version”.

Not running iCloud on Windows

Computers with iCloud is not the only device for which Microsoft has decided to temporarily block the updates. As it turned out, the problem with the compatibility update also occurs on machines with Radeon and applications from Studio Trend Micro. Owners of devices that match these criteria will not be able to install OS updates until the solution of problems that, on the assurances of Microsoft, will happen in the near future.

But the problems with updates are not only Microsoft, but Apple. In the last half of the Cupertino-based company was forced to recall and reissue at least four updates — including at the stage of beta testing. And one of them (watchOS 5.1) even led to the failure of multiple instances of the Apple Watch Series 4.