Steve promised, Apple has fulfilled, customers received not what I ordered but everyone was happy and all ended well. MacBook Pro has become a reality, it was really the “fastest Macs ever”, but…

10 Jan Steve promised, several times, and some unknown pressure (or so I thought): the supply of the MacBook Pro will start in February. In February, next month. As if someone objected.

Probably, Galileo said “and yet it moves” (E pur si muove!) with a similar tone. Or “supposedly said” – but you understand what I wanted to say.

With MacBook Pro something was wrong. Developers MacBook Pro, or Intel Core Duo, or both, most likely, have a any problem to resolve that persistently failed. Deadlock is a common phenomenon, as without them?

Announcing “the fastest portable Mac”, Steve looked at the results of SPECint and SPECfp Intel Core Duo (T2400), with a nominal clock speed of 1.87 GHz (MacBook Pro is slightly reduced, to 1.83) – but the MacBook Pro with 1.67 GHz used Intel Core Duo (L2400), low-voltage variant of the processor, with reduced power consumption, and as a result, with considerably worse performance.

On the one hand – a dead end. On the other – not to declare a portable Mac after several years of forced gap from the competitors, former and future leader of this segment of the personal computer industry was impossible. To declare and not to let – about it even it was not, it’s the end reputation, billions of dollars in losses and perhaps even bankruptcy.

It was the emergency option, which could be released if it is bad, and his “normal” brother… promise to release in a month. Unpleasant, but not a disaster: production problems, it happens…

February 14, or slightly before, the problem was solved. Press conference about historical events to make not have (all of this formally secret). Released press release. Made changes to the configuration in the online store. The rest did “bloggers” and the media.

14 Feb 2006

This has not happened. Importantly in the press release was sensational to the extreme: Gateway and Dell with similar was going to die from laughter… or envy. Not dead.

That’s the main thing: “MacBook Pro will come with more efficient Intel Core Duo than it was announced. Prices remain the same. Deliveries will begin…”

But no one died – before the main, as taught in business schools (PTU) reported selected advantages of the product. The list of advantages should not be too detailed, those who know the alphabet, not all know how to read. Of course, this list gets only what the authors of the press release is considered the most important. Or lead authors.

And from what a lot of interesting. The press release began with the mention of iSight and Front Row + Apple Remote. Draw your own conclusions…

In a press release reported about 4-fold superiority of the MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo on c PowerBook G4 PowerPC 7447a. “Up to 4 times…” – if in the last PowerBook G4 models used the PowerPC 7448 (which was one and a half times more productive than 7447a), have had to say about 2.5-fold superiority. Isn’t that why…

Details “on the main” retell close to the text.

In option 2 is $ 449 Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz (T2400) will be used by the processor with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz (T2500) – delivery option was to begin “this week”, February 14 was a Tuesday;
In option 1 instead of $ 999 Intel Core Duo processor with a clock frequency of 1.67 GHz (L2400) will use the processor with a clock frequency of 1.83 GHz (T2400) – delivery option was supposed to start “next week”.

Denote modifications of the CPU in a press release not reported (is not “for all”), I added.

And in the online Apple store when buying a MacBook Pro, you can choose a more efficient modification of the processor, with a clock speed of 2.16 GHz (T2600).

Briefly mentions some important details: MagSafe, Mac OS 10.4, and Rosetta.

Rosetta – “the most amazing program you’ll never see” (the words of Phil Schiller) – Rosetta was a program without a user interface.

Dynamic binary translator developed by Apple based on QuickTransit, the license for which was acquired from Transitive Corporation (which in 2009 absorbed the IBM, and in 2011, Apple stopped supporting Rosetta and software for PowerPC).

About Rosetta and universal binary code will write an article.

Real options MacBook Pro

The model ID MacBookPro1,1, is the same as the model, announced at MacWorld Expo.

Options three, one of whom was designated by Apple as a BtO (Built-to-Order). As if something is not marked, it is important that is in the hands of the buyer. Therefore, we consider all three as if it was three full-length variant of the next (actually the first) model.

All told about the announced (but not released) MacBook Pro(Link to article “The second Intel Mac”) remained unchanged.

Option 1 for $ 999, the Intel Core Duo (T2400) 1.83 GHz, benchmarks Geekbench 2 scored 2 288 points. His ancestors, the last (843 points) and penultimate (844 points), equal to the performance factor of 2.7. According to the tests (in real life it is a bit wrong). Not 4 times.

And apparently to meet the 1 999 dollars, the drive capacity of 100 Gigabytes (previously announced) was replaced by 80 GB with similar characteristics.

16 may 2006 this version was discontinued.

Option 2 for $ 499 with Intel Core Duo (T2500), with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz, was faster in Geekbench 2 it scored 2 450 points, and surpassed the closest ancestors in 2.9 times. Again, not 4 times!

Until may 16, 2006 version came with a hard drive capacity of 100 Gigabytes, the size of RAM in 1 GB and 256 MB of video memory. On 16 may, the CD was replaced with 80 GB, the volume of the supplied operational and VRAM was reduced to 512 and 128 Megabytes – and have lowered the price to 1 $ 999.

Expensive option was “cheap”.

The BtO option for $ 799 2 was the upgrade of “expensive” version with Intel Core Duo (T2500), supplied with the drive capacity of 100 Gigabytes, with 1 Gigabyte of RAM and 256 Megabytes of video memory. 16 may 2006 the BtO option was the usual “expensive” option, the price remains the same.

In Geekbench 2 it scored 2 657 points, surpassed ancestors already 3.2 times. We assume that the superiority of the “up to 4 times”… achieved.

When computer performance (for the same price, and right), grows to at least 2.7-fold, will there be someone to pay attention to the “little FIB”? In fact, those who paid attention to it, especially no one listened. In war, in fishing and in business lies (.) is not a sin…

To be continued