Official sales of the updated MacBook Air was launched just recently, and as expected, specialists iFixit was among the first produced new, and has already managed to conduct a full and detailed analysis of the components of the laptop, and to assess its maintainability. According to experts, the new laptop of Apple in terms of design proved to be better than 12 MacBook and MacBook Pro latest generation.

Before the demolition, the master checked for the presence of protective silicone pads under the keys.

Apparently, Apple has taken into account the sad experience with the MacBook keyboards (2015-2017) and MacBook Pro (2016-2017), and installed in the new laptop the third generation of keyboards “butterfly”.

When they reached the insides of the laptop, experts have begun to study them.


A sufficiently large space in the housing is a battery with a capacity of 49.9 W·h According to Apple representatives, it is due to his MacBook Air delivers record time.

Reaching the printed circuit Board of the laptop, the wizard found the T2 chip Apple new MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, Intel Core i5-8210Y, solid state SSD from SanDisk, a Thunderbolt controller from Intel 3 and LPDDR3 memory from SK Hynix. In addition they found various components from such manufacturers as Texas Instruments, Murata, NXP.

According to experts iFixit, the biggest advantage of laptop is its modularity. For example, Touch ID can now be free to replace, and his reference to the old motherboard will be through a special device, which will be equipped with all authorized service centers. The battery can now be dismantled separately, without having to replace the entire top case in case of breakage. It is also possible to extract and replace Thunderbolt 3, what could be done, for example, on a MacBook 12.

Summing up, the publication iFixit has assigned a MacBook Air (2018) 3 points out of a possible 10 on a scale of maintainability. Despite the above advantages, the laptop is still poorly served repair. In the event of a problem with the drive, RAM, or processor, will have to change the whole motherboard. For other disadvantages of the master attributed the complexity of the replacement built-in keyboard, as well as a lack of access to components for proprietary Pentalobe screws.