Apple is known throughout the world not only revolutionary products ahead of its time, but also non-standard advertising campaigns. Since its inception, Apple has been using in their advertising brochures high-quality product images, bright and catchy slogans. Due to resource TheMothership we can see the entire collection of ads of the company from 1976 to 2018. We offer you to plunge into history, looking at them.

In 1976 Apple released its first promotional material. He looked in the following way.

In those days, the company offered consumers computer Apple I. the cost of the device was impressive 666,66 dollars.

Due to the fact that the computers were distributed very poorly in the 1980-ies, the company has focused on demonstrate the capabilities of their devices. In those days computers were only used in large corporations to solve business problems, and a potential buyer did not have a clear understanding of why it was necessary to buy such an expensive device for the home.

Demonstrating to promotional brochures possible scenarios of use, Apple is able to convince people that the use of a computer is not so difficult.

Drawing a parallel between those years and today’s Apple, it’s safe to say that there isn’t much difference. Even back in 1984, Apple emphasized the aesthetic and elegance of the forms of their products in advertisements. Though the priorities were quite different and the visual component of computers no one thought.

In the 1990’s, Apple has taken another step towards home users, showing the iMac with bright colours. This time the company decided not to burden consumers with unnecessary information. The marketers decided to place on the brochure only a qualitative picture of the product and the resounding slogan.

Much of the success of Apple was due to the fact that the Corporation has placed particular emphasis on ease of use. What is particularly interesting, marketers did not hesitate to draw direct comparisons with competitor’s products, exposing them in a negative light.

With the complete collection of Apple ads, in the period from 1976 to 2018 can be found here.