Apple could refuse the application in the original iPhone several breakthrough technologies that affect usability. About jony Ive said in an interview with journalists The Information on the presentation of the designer awards Stephen Hawking for contribution to the development of technology. According to him, the whole process of creating iPhone was accompanied by a curious, and often even absurd situations, which under certain circumstances could prevent the release of the smartphone in the light.

The idea to release the iPhone appeared many years before its actual release, when most of the technologies underlying the original model have not been available, says Ive. Moreover, initially there weren’t even any smartphone, and was exclusively the concept of multitouch. It is this technology define the interface of a future mobile operating systems as well as the possibility of creating third-party applications and characteristics interact with them by touch, pinch and swipe.

The story of the creation of the iPhone

“In fact, the fundamental technology that was the start of [the idea of the iPhone], for years, lagged behind views [Apple engineers] — says Ive obviously referring to multi-touch. — I have to admit that some of our ideas put us in front of difficult choice in the development process, we were really close to having to abandon the realization of some of them.”

Some of the technology that became available to owners of the first iPhone, was so unstable and vulnerable that ever before the mind for several months, said Ive. Obviously, in this case we are talking about the App Store as a whole and the possibility to install on the smartphone third-party applications in particular. “We came to the conclusion that you can make the app compelling and intuitive. Once we realized this, the idea of creating App Store”, — summed up the designer.