Apple will officially release the app for the reading of ECG with the help of the Apple Watch Series 4 as part of the update watchOS No. 5.1.2, which is now in beta testing. About this MacRumors reports with reference to the document intended for internal use among employees. The update should come out before the end of this year, revealing the full potential of branded smart watches new generation of Apple.

By default, the application for ECG will be available only to users from USA. This limitation stems from the fact that the commercial use of medical functions of the Apple Watch, Apple was granted only at home. Despite this, testing the innovation, the more likely and residents of other countries. All that is required is to change the region of the actual location of the user in the Settings app.

How to enable an ECG for the Apple Watch 4 in Russia

Such easy access to the functions that territorial restrictions based on the hardware component all of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the same regardless of development. However, cupertinos could block it at the program level. The developers already have experience blocking certain functions in certain countries. That’s what the company did with FaceTime on all its devices sold in the UAE, not allowing to enable a service trivial change region.

The possibility of reading an EKG, which was presented at the presentation, Apple Watch Series 4, despite the name, has little in common with real medical procedure. Branded smart watch Apple is able to identify only atrial fibrillation without considering many other factors. But even this can be a good help in the diagnosis of more serious heart disease and preventing deaths.