A couple of months ago we talked about the problems associated with weak signal reception Wi-Fi at work with the newest models Apple. It was assumed that the problem has been fixed in iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 12.1. However, some users still continue to complain about the malfunctioning of the wireless module. Before the problem took place to be just for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, now the problem can occur on older devices.

According to users, connection problems may occur spontaneously. It manifests as follows: when attempting to load certain content in the app, the Internet suddenly stops working,the wifi signal did not change and remains at a high level. To recover the network fails only after some time or after restarting the smartphone.

If you believe the comments in the discussion thread problem on the portal Reddit and the official forum Apple, the incorrect work of Wi-Fi may be observed not only on the flagship models of Apple smartphones, but also on iPhone SE iPhone 6, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/ X. As noted by users, the problem is purely software in nature, accordingly, the Troubleshooting of the wireless module should wait for the next update.

If you encounter similar problems, you need to make to restore the device via iTunes. To do this:

  • To connect the device to the computer.
  • Start iTunes and go to the tab “Update”.
  • First save all the necessary data and to disable the “Find My iPhone”.
  • Reinstall the operating system using the option “Restore”. It should be understood that all data on the device will be removed.
  • After successful completion of recovery process, you must configure the device “as new”. Prerequisite — do not restore saved data from iCloud backup or iTunes.