iPhone owners running iOS 12 and newer versions of mobile OS from Apple will now be able to call Assistant Google with the phrase “OK, Google”. This was made possible thanks to the quick commands Siri, which allows you to use expressions triggers to quickly perform tasks. Google Assistant for iOS has received their support with the last update, whose release was earlier this week.

Despite the fact that now users of iOS devices really got the ability to call Google voice Assistant, to make it harder, or at least weirder, than Android. Weirder though, because to activate the voice assistant from Google, the user would first have to invoke Siri and then voice her desire to communicate with AI competitor. To avoid such strict rules, unfortunately, are not provided.

As for the activation of Google Assistant actually will not answer the command “OK Google”, while Siri, the user may specify any expression trigger. The main thing is to pronounce it after activating a staff assistant. Then you can safely begin to deal with the development of Google, which, though imperfect in many questions is even more competent than Apple’s Siri. For example, Google’s Assistant is better at recognizing your speech, facilitating the dictation of text messages.

How to call Google Assistant by the command “OK, Google” with iOS

To teach Siri to activate the Google Assistant, you should do the following:

  • Launch the Google Assistant on your iOS device and say “OK, Google” to have the system remember you;
  • Go to “Settings” — “Siri and Search”;
  • In the list “available team”, select Google Assistant;
  • In the opened window, tap the red record key and speak the phrase “OK, Google”, and then save it.

Now, activating Siri, you can call Google Assistant the appropriate command.

P. S. For some unknown reason this method works not for all users. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Google update Assistant support quick commands Siri is spreading gradually. If you don’t succeed, wait a while and try again.