In September-October 2005 c Apple was created unimaginable: the engineers are all allowed, and titled nobles (head and close) arranged one bunch after another, almost every week, and the most unusual of the iMac G5 almost went unnoticed…

Only transfer, and only the brightest events of this “strange period”:

September 7, Apple Music Event in San Francisco. iTunes 5, Motorola ROKR (joint press release, Apple, Motorola and Cingular called it “the world’s first mobile phone with access to the iTunes Music Store”), and iPod nano, “thousands of iPod accessories”.

On 11 October the company announced its financial results for the 4th quarter of fiscal 2005, quarter (and year) was the most successful in its previous history.

On 12 October, the event “untitled”, somewhere on the planet Earth. iTunes 6, iPod (G5) iMac G5 with integrated iSight and remote control.

Remote (Apple Remote)

19 October, Apple’s Press Event in new York. Aperture, latest PowerBook’and PowerMac’I.

In the 4th fiscal quarter, Apple sold 6.5 million iPods. The closest competitor is only 2.0. Analysts (who just two years before that has buried the iPod), once again “disappointed” – they predicted the sale of a 7.5 or even 8 million – and started talking about the beginning of the sunset iPod. Funny story, but about it somehow another time.

New iMac G5, which could be topic number one at any other time, just went unnoticed…


Have Macs (and some monitors from Apple) appeared “eye”. Web-camera iSight was announced a year and a half before the events described, and were offered in the online store, under devices, for $ 150, but now it was embedded in the new iMac G5, over the LCD display.

Technical data camera, even by then standards, was modest. 640×480, 0.3 Megapixel.

Its unique advantages are not conspicuous. The program PhotoBooth… All who still drew attention to the iMac G5, with surprise, recognized in reviews: this small program amused them, and stole about 15-20 minutes of working time. In 2005, the program was available only with the new iMac G5. To set Mac OS 10.4.2 “Tiger” she was not only worked in the presence of a built-in iSight camera.

Selfie with the effects… Oh the times!Oh the customs!

iMac G5 with PCI Express

Of all the amazing features of this model, Apple has chosen to mention in her name only iSight. As if this little funny camera was the most important. “Do I need to turn the iMac face the wall when…” – no kidding, people ask about it!

At the time of the announcement, iMac G5 (Late 2005), the model ID PowerMac12,1, was the first Mac om with PCI Express.

PowerMac G5 “Quad and Dual” is the first Mac with PCI Express actually – was announced only a week. At a press conference dedicated to the professional “hardware and software”.

Have iMac G5 was not a single expansion slot PCI Express, all available slots were occupied (AP/BL) – AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR included in the basic configuration, and ordinary users, this PC-shnaya Express’ia could (as suggested by the marketing experts of human souls) to plunge into a stupor…

The PowerPC 970fx. The one and single core. The CPU clock the “home” ratio to the frequency of frontal system bus “three-to-one”. Faster type of RAM is PC-2 4200 DDR2 SDRAM with a minimum frequency of 533 MHz. The basic kit – 512 Megabytes of such memory. Enough for Mac OS X “Tiger”. Built-in memory… soldered to the motherboard. The only memory expansion slot free.

The maximum amount of RAM is 2.5 GB. You can set this amount in the online store, when buying. Or suffer yourself, then.

Video card ATI Radeon X600 XT with 128 Megabytes of video memory. And no (*x AGP) is a computer with PCI Express.

Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T). But modem (56k V. 92) in the base not included, if needed – offered in the online store, for a fee.

Optical drive “8x DL SuperDrive”, aka “a 2.4-fold DL SuperDrive”, he is… well, it’s DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW, with multiplicities (for a CD unit of frequency equal to 150 KB/s for DVD – 1.4 MB/s):

recording DVD+R DL is 2.4-fold;
record DVD–R and DVD+R – 8x;
recording DVD–RW and DVD+RW – 4x;
–CD-R – 24x;
–CD-RW – 8x;
read DVD and CD, respectively, 8 – and 24-fold.

3 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Firewire 400 port.

There is even a connector for an external monitor, but, according to tradition, without any “expansion of space desktop” mode is locked in Firmware.

Remote control… works best with Front Row (the program supplied with the iMac (iSight), the button “Menu”, in my opinion, never worked. And the magnet in the lower right corner of the case of the iMac where you can stick the remote so it’s not lost…

Mac OS 10.4.2, supports all versions of Mac OS X to 10.5.8, inclusive.

Just in case this is important: the code name of the model Q87.

Options PowerMac12,1

There were two options, between 17 and 20 inches (43.2 and 50.8 cm) to the diagonal.

17-inch processor speed – 1.9 GHz, divide by three and get a clock frequency of frontal system bus: 633 MHz.

Hard drive capacity 160 GB (7 200 rpm), the native screen resolution is 1440 by 900, 32-bit benchmarks Geekbench 2 – 1 090 points, in 64-bit – 1 053.

And all this for the same 1 $ 299, and a similar version of the previous model.

A 20-inch version of the CPU clock frequency and system bus front – of 2.1 GHz and 700 MHz. Native resolution of 1680×1050, 32-bit tests 1 180 points, and in 64-bit – 1 106.

1 $ 699, $ 100 less than the 20-inch version of the iMac G5 (ALS).