While Apple has positioned the iPad Pro as a fullto the PC, their capabilities are not sufficient to perform some specific tasks. But the tablet still can be a great helper in the work. For example, the iPad Pro can be operated as a primary or secondary monitor for a Mac computer. Given a decent diagonal and high quality screen, there is no doubt the Apple tablet is perfect for this role.

Not so long ago, Astro HQ released Luna Display — accessory for Mac computers that allows you to use the iPad screen in monitor mode. Why is this decision different from the majority of similar software products?

According to the company, LunaDisplay can work not only in additional, but also the only monitor. For the accessory uses a proprietary Liquid technology, which provides high performance and smoothness when working with an external screen and lack of even the slightest delays.

The process of setting up Luna Display is very simple. You need to connect the Luna Display adapter to your Mac computer, then download a special app Luna on the iPad for the initial pairing. The connection is established wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

Using Luna Display you can control the macOS interface using the touch screen or even pen Apple Pencil. Operation is also supported with the Smart keyboard.

At the moment Luna Display is available in two versions: with USB type-C or Mini DisplayPort. The cost of the accessory is $ 79. The product is compatible with all Macs released after 2012.