Manual adjustment of the bokeh effect on portrait images, previously available only to the owners of the new iPhone XR, XS, Max and XS iPad Pro 2018 has finally become available on older models of the iPhone with dual camera. The corresponding innovation has brought the latest app updates the Google Photos app for iOS, allowing you to customize the blur to existing photos taken in portrait mode. To do the same when you take the shot in real time is still impossible.

To adjust the amount of blur using the “Google Photos” is not on all pictures. Algorithms well detect the effect of depth and require that the edited picture was taken in portrait mode. Otherwise, in the list of available editing tools simply do not appear necessary adjustments. Clearly, Google is struggling with the creation of “counterfeit” portrait pictures taken with the camera without the support of the appropriate mode.

How to change the focus on the finished picture

But the iPhone telescopic lens, which is usually (except iPhone XR) makes portrait shots, you will find a lot of useful and interesting. For example, the algorithms Google Photos allows you to change not only the degree of blur of images, but even to shift the focus. But a few years ago it seemed impossible, and the Lytro camera was considered the only solutions on the market able to perform such a miracle.

How to bleach the background to a picture

Another interesting innovation Google Photos effect Color Pop. With it, you can edit the background on a portrait photo, making it black and white. This function is useful in situations when the portrait mode is not well highlights the main subject, allowing it to blend with objects behind them. At the same time, if you do not know what effect is applied to the Color Pop, I guess this would be very difficult — so naturally it looks.