For anybody not a secret that the release of the original Apple Watch in 2015, has influenced not only the market of wearable electronics, but also on the entire watch industry. The Apple Watch is fast becoming the most popular clock in the world, and even surpassed the sales of famous Swiss watch brands. The recent debut of the updated model Series 4 are also impacted, and thus, Apple was able to take a record share of the market.

According to the statistics, which were analyzed company Counterpoint, the combined share of Apple Watch on the market wearable electronics is an impressive 30%. The study involves the report for the third quarter of 2018. In second place is the Fitbit — known manufacturer of wearable electronics, which range includes devices for fitness and health. Its share was 16%, an increase of 4.5 times compared to last year.

Remarkably, the Series 4 is not the best-selling model of smart hours Apple. The most popular were Series 1, which has sold more than half of total shipments of the Apple Watch during the third quarter of 2018.

Experts say that the enormous success of Apple in the watch market due to the high customer loyalty to the brand and competent marketing company. Of course, the sales was also influenced by the recent release of the Apple Watch Series 4. Smart watch for the first time has been seriously upgraded, getting a new slim design, large display and many other features.

According to forecasts by the analyst, Apple will continue to dominate the market of wearable electronics in the next year. Yet the company has no worthy competitors — the same smart watch built on the platform of WearOS was not too interesting to consumers.