The new iPad Pro was reported on 30 October and impressed the press and users for its high performance. Getting a new processor Apple A12X, and the advanced facial recognition system Face ID, the tablet lost the 3.5 mm headphone Jack. His disappearance was inevitable, but many were hoping the company will leave the connector at least in the professional version of the device. 9to5mac conducted a survey, the results of which showed the reaction of users on Apple’s decision.

As it turned out, most people have already resigned to the disappearance of the connector and agree that Apple made the right decision. However, there are also users who support the view that the headphone Jack is a must in a device designed for professionals. Also there are people who reacted to the disappearance of indifference.

The fact that people professionally working with sound, don’t want to use wireless headphones because of quality loss. For adherents of the wired technologies have headphones with a connector USB Type-C adapter, but this solution is not satisfied many.

One of the advantages of wired headphones is their infinite autonomy. The iPad Pro is often used for consumption of media content, and charge the Bluetoothheadphone is not always enough even for viewing several films.

With all of this denial reason from the 3.5 mm connector is not completely clear. It would seem that this could contribute to the reduction of the thickness of the hull, but no — the new iPad thinner than the previous model with a connector of only 0.2 mm. most Likely, the company only made the decision based on the fact that the connector is missing in the iPhone 7 and newer.