Despite the increase in retail prices for the flagship model of the iPhone, which has occurred in recent years, causing a lot of negativity from consumers, Apple’s revenue from the sale of each device is not only not increased, but on the contrary has decreased compared to the time 8-10 years ago. This is evidenced by the comparative chart from analysts resource TechInsights, including information about margins of all of Apple ever entered the market.

The graph shows that the most income as a percentage of Apple received from sales of the iPhone 3Gs in the days when steering was Steve jobs. However, as the introduction of brand new smart phones technologies like the Retina display margins began to fall, reaching a low on iPhone SE. It was he who, contrary to popular opinion, was the most unprofitable unit of the company, since it brought her mere pennies in comparison with other models (only 53%).


The advantageous and disadvantageous iPhone

Now, if you believe the schedule TechInsights, the revenue that Apple gets from each sold iPhone, set at 60%, which is still less than the record set iPhone 3GS with its 74%. However, the chart does not take into account sales data senior modification iPhone XS Max with a storage capacity of 512 GB. The latter brings to its manufacturer on top of $ 350 compared to the basic version, with additional spending on memory in the amount of $ 70.

A fair part of the costs inflicted on Apple in the design of new smartphones, are laid on research and testing new technologies. And it’s not some invisible expenses that cannot be traced. Recall, for example, the display of the iPhone XS Max, which was voted the best on the market, or, say, the interface of the face recognition Face ID, which even a year later there is still no worthy competitors.