The battery in the new MacBook Air with Retina display conditionally shall be hot-swapped without the need to change the whole lower part of the body, unlike the MacBook and MacBook Pro. It is reported by MacRumors citing an internal document intended for the staff of the Genius Bar or authorized service centers. This method of replacement is more forgiving because it allows you to keep the old keyboard, trackpad and Touch ID on the spot.

Despite the fact that the battery attaches to the inside of the hull MacBook Air with glue, according to the report, Apple to give Genius Bar employees and authorized service centers specialized tool to extract it. After installing the new battery the laptop will need to be put under the press, used to secure the replacement display on the new iPhone models.

2018 MacBook Air — features

Apple presented new MacBook Air at the presentation on October 30. The novelty became the first representative of the ruler of the “air” laptops with Retina display and support for identification by fingerprint. Hardware-based computer is an Intel Core i5 with 1.6 GHz and 8GB of RAM. Surprisingly, for all its virtues, the new MacBook Air was $ 100 cheaper than the 12-inch MacBook.

When will begin selling the MacBook Air 2018 in Russia

However, to evaluate the advantages the Russians happen after all the others. As it turned out yesterday morning, Apple has decided to postpone sales of the MacBook Air Retinaand a new Mac Mini and iPad Pro in Russia, relegating them indefinitely. According to official representatives of the company, new products were on sale in the Russian market later this year. At the time of publication vehicles available to order.