After Apple introduced wireless charging in the iPhone 8, and then equipped with this technology and the new generation of smartphones, users have become much better to deal in such devices. But many people, when they come home or to work and put the iPhone on a special stand or table, do not even think about how exactly the technology works. Why cherished interest upwards when the smartphone has not even touched the charging cradle? How secure are these solutions? Try to understand.

The founders of the method of electric power transmission by electromagnetic induction are considered to be great scientists Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday. Last in the early 19th century opened a basic law of electromagnetism — the law of induction, and in 1893, Nikola Tesla demonstrated the wireless illumination of fluorescent lamps. Even a little surprising that now this technology is available everywhere, including in modern cars.

The basis of wireless charging are the properties of the induction coil to pass an electric current. When it is connected to a power source, there occurs a magnetic field, which is perpendicular to the turns of the coil itself. So if one coil and connect the power supply and the second placed in its magnetic field, it will be tension. It is important that the coils should not touch each other.

The point is that one coil should always be the source (it supplied electricity), and the second receiver of this voltage. Subsequently the voltage can be used to power the device and charge the battery. That’s why your iPhone will start charging as soon as it turns on connected to the network stand for wireless charging.


Specification (standard), in accordance with which created the smartphone, called Qi. A single standard even allows iPhone owners to buy any wireless charger, and it will work with their smartphones. And there are devices on the market from inexpensive BURO, which can be found in the range of 1 000 to HAMA Turbo Fast 2 500 rubles, where else in addition, enables fast charging (up to 3A).

In style to the Apple smartphones is perfect and wireless charging from Xiaomi (2A). It is made in white color, has a minimalistic design and modern USB connector. Cheap and high-quality charge offers and HAMA, however in this case, the charging speed is not as high as in the case of the same stand from Xiaomi.

And is it safe?

Many people ask this question before using Qi because any magnetic field has the radiation. At the same time, the research scientists say that the magnetic radiation is not ionizing — that is, it affects the human body is not more than Wi-Fi or mobile signal cell phone. Also electromagnetic radiation is lost as soon as the battery charged, so-called “residual” and there is no radiation. Yes, and power 5 watts is not enough to have a negative impact. So wireless charging is used in razors, toothbrushes, instruments and other everyday devices.

As for the battery of the smartphone, it is much more affected by fast charging, but not wireless. So do not be afraid that the iPhone suddenly lit up, if it is charged using such stands.

Obviously, technology is gradually moving away from wires, and in the future we will see even more applications of wireless charging. The only disadvantage of the technology is short range, but big companies, including Apple, is rumored to be already working on a charger that can work at a distance of 1-2 meters.