Scientists at new York University and artificial intelligence could create a universal fingerprint that can be used to unlock smartphones and other devices are protected by biometric scanner. It is reported resource Reported citing a report describing the principles of creating print. According to the authors of the study, the likelihood of a successful authorization is in the range of 76%.

Unlock method developed by scientists is based on such features fingerprint scanners as a partial recognition. The vast majority of the sensors responsible for the identification on the print, do it on the basis of the imprint to increase the number of successful detections. In other words, to successfully unlock the user is not required to scan the entire print as a whole, and applying to the reader only part of it.


How to fool Touch ID

The development was named DeepMasterPrints. It includes knowledge about peculiarities of the structure of fingerprints of many people, which allows her to look for patterns in papillary patterns and thus form a universal imprint. According to the researchers, the use of DeepMasterPrints can be compared with the principle of selection of passwords which use complexes like GrayKey,going through all the possible combinations.

But to do the same thing with Face ID will not succeed. The only way to cheat proprietary facial recognition system from Apple, is the creation of three-dimensional masks that mimic the facial features of the owner of the compromised device. However, this method is much more complex than the banal enumeration of prints, and not demand among burglars because of the complex implementation and high cost, godas only as an example for laboratory research.