Quite often we hear bold statements about reliability and security of iOS. However, as practice shows, no version of the mobile operating system Apple has not proved impregnable to hackers. After the release of the next Assembly, the security team manages to find new vulnerabilities just a few days, or even hours. iOS 12.1 no exception – hackers KeenLab have already demonstrated the result of their work in social networks.

The hacking system was implemented on one of the new devices Apple — iPhone XS Max. Despite all the hardware and software protection mechanisms of the operating system, hackers were able to access the kernel — one of the key vulnerabilities, potentially allowing to carry out a full break — jailbreak. But, of course, public tool should not wait — this is only a demonstration that the security system iOS has its weaknesses.

To date, the vast majority of users have lost any interest to implement procedures of jailbreaking, and hackers are currently pursuing more sports and pecuniary interest. The need simply no, as Apple have already implemented the most successful solution from Cydia the latest version of iOS.

Recall that for the found critical vulnerabilities Apple is ready to pay up to $ 200,000. However, this is not the limit. The companies specializing in security, the remuneration can reach up to $ 1 million.

There is no doubt that in the near future should reach the operating system upgrade that will eliminate the detected vulnerabilities. In any case, ordinary users have nothing to fear — for the procedure of hacking requires physical access to the device.