Apple should pay much more attention to the indicators of autonomy of the iPhone even to the detriment of their design. This opinion was expressed by guy Kawasaki, former marketing Manager of the company responsible for the promotion of Macintosh computers, in an interview with The Australian Financial Review. If Cupertino decides to a significant increase in battery branded smartphones, it will be a real breakthrough, I’m sure Kawasaki, expressing full willingness to purchase a camera with increased weight and thickness.

“If Apple introduced a phone with double the operating time from the battery, but it would be thicker than the current model], I would have bought it the next day, says Kawasaki. — Now you need to charge your smartphone twice a day, and God forbid if you forget to do it.”

Why Tim Cook Concierge

It is possible that Tim Cook has a personal Concierge that charges iPhone for him, jokes Kawasaki. But else to explain the persistent ignoring of such an important indicator as autonomy, is extremely difficult.

According to Kawasaki, the bad and the autonomy of modern smartphones has much deeper consequences than banal need for regular arm exercises. For example, a small operating time from the battery is the only reason why phones still cannot be used as a full-fledged business tools. That is why, says the marketer, he still uses the iPad as one of the main devices.

What is iPad better than iPhone

But the tablet does not suit all users, I’m sure Kawasaki. “Look at the Millennials, their main computing device is a phone, not a tablet, says ex-marketer for Apple. — I have three sons, two of them are 23 and 25 years — and they never used the iPad. They use either the phone or the laptop. And those who use the iPad, should be as old as I am.”