Perfect fix on regular keyboard to your iPhone is much more clever than we used to think the majority of users. About Ken Kocienda, a former Apple engineer involved in the development of the keyboard, said in an interview with Business Insider. According to him, the erroneous perception is due to the psychology of people who tend to remember only the negative manifestations in the work of their devices, seeing the correct behavior as something self-evident.

Errors in the algorithms of the auto-correct on iOS are not so often says Kocienda. Most often, the keyboard selects the word to replace correctly, but sometimes it can prevent blunders that stick in the memory of users, displacing memories of the convenience. “If [auto] is triggered right 19 times in a row, and on the 20th makes a mistake, it destroys all the positive emotions you’ve experienced during the previous 19 times,” said the engineer.

How to set AutoCorrect in iOS

Many complain that the standard keyboard for iOS bothers to use language in bad words, changing them at random. But actually it is not, please interview. The algorithms developed by Apple, are not going to teach you morality or aristocratic speech. All they do is just trying to protect you from unintentionally sending a hard-hitting expression to his companion, for which they may not have intended, but corny was dialed by mistake when typing fast.

However, if you are not satisfied with the work of auto-correct, it can always be customized to your liking or disable itIf you use any word, but the algorithms automatically correct it to another, try to set a new reduction in the keyboard settings. In this case, the system will remember the word or the whole expression, and stop trying to replace it with another. In the end, it’s just a program that is not perfect, but strive to be such.