Just a few hours ago around the world have started selling the new Mac Mini. As might be expected, Western resources could got new a little earlier than usual users, and has managed to draw preliminary conclusions regarding a new generation of compact Apple computer. We invite you to read key excerpts from the reviews of the Mac Mini is a popular foreign publications.


Even the base model Mac Mini will be enough for most everyday tasks. For the sake of experiment, I have for some time used a compact Apple computer as the main working machine and I was not left disappointed. If you go beyond the average user, and look forward to working with very demanding applications, you should look at the iMac Pro or Mac Pro.


Most likely, the new Mac Mini is not suitable for professional work. All because of low graphics performance. I’m not saying that the computer must be equipped with a powerful discrete card. It would be possible to do a processor Kaby Lake G, which has a high performance built-in graphics from AMD.

Perhaps Apple relies on external GPUs. But you can use eGPU only because it lacks the basic performance of the integrated card? It negates all the advantages of compact computer.


If you have an old Mac Mini — do not hesitate and buy the new generation. The update is definitely worth it, you will notice a large increase in speed — even if you don’t work with heavy tasks. You may need to buy a graphics adapter, but it is also justified.

Unfortunately, the cheapest version of Mac Mini is equipped with a storage of 128 GB and this is clearly not enough. You may want to think about older versions, if you don’t like to store information on external media. The same goes for RAM is 8 GB. Fortunately, Apple allows you to expand RAM up to 64 GB without any difficulties.

Tom’s Guide


  • The same compact size with new colors of the housing space Grey.
  • Four high-speed Thunderbolt port 3
  • Full support for 4K monitors
  • Excellent performance
  • The ability to upgrade RAM


  • Dear
  • You can’t swap the SSD

The range of compact Mac Mini is finally back and better than ever — updated appearance, solid performance, and most importantly, the computer again you can upgrade, such as adding RAM. This is the best compact PC not only in Mac world, but Windows.