The new MacBook Air, which was presented on 30 October at the presentation of Apple, has already gone on sale around the world. Unfortunately, in Russia the laptop while it is impossible to get – according to representatives of the company, it will be available later. Meanwhile you can find related MacBook Air the leading Western publications. Did the updated notebook your expectations?


The Verge

People love Mac. It’s great computers to perform any everyday task. Until recently, the best laptop for most users remained MacBook Air. Apple too for a long time didn’t updated it, despite its popularity.

And finally, the company showed the updated version. If you rely on the fact that the new MacBook Air will be as revolutionary as it was in his time the old version of Air, I dare to disappoint you — it is not. This is just another good laptop, no frills.

Of course, the new MacBook Air is faster. But given three years of waiting, the difference is very minor. On this computer you can do all the things that were done on my old MacBook Air. I work with many apps in the background and Chrome is always open at least 10 tabs, and no problems I do not watch.

If you are going to work with video or work with RAW files take MacBook Pro. The new “air” laptop is not suitable for these tasks. Yes, it is more powerful than the MacBook 12, but the difference, again, is not that big.


MacBook Air received a pretty major update. The laptop has become more expensive, but the price seems more justified, than, for example, the cost of a new Mac Mini. If you have a choice between MacBook and MacBook Air — do not even think. An updated version of the “air” laptop surpasses it in almost everything. And this is the best option to buy now.


MacBook Air (2018) uses the same technology of the screen, and the MacBook 12. The display has got the support of the extended color gamut of DCI-P3 as the MacBook Pro, limited range of sRGB. If you need this, you definitely should not buy a MacBook Air. Otherwise, it is a good choice for today.


When we started to compare the updated display version of the MacBook Air with MacBook Pro 15 (2017), we noticed that the brightness of the “air” laptop turned out to be much less. Looking at the specifications, we found quite a significant difference: the Pro version has a matrix with a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Air also boasts increased intensity to 300 NIT. This is particularly noticeable in bright daylight. But for indoors it will be enough.