Apple plans to use a system of directional microphones used in the HomePod, the production overhead headphones. It follows from the materials of the patent and trademark office that registered the corresponding patent. The next accessory will probably be to have the invoice form factor, differing from competing solutions are completely symmetric design without orientation on the right and left ear.

Unlike speakers HomePod, which uses directional microphones in determining the amount of room and located in an obstacle configuration of sound, headphones with it will determine which side they are worn. It will be necessary to say a word or combination of words that will be read by the microphones and will allow the headset to adapt to user, not Vice versa, as in the case of solutions of competing brands.

On-ear headphones Apple

It is not known when exactly Apple expects to release his own headphones. According to rumors, it could happen within the next couple of years, but, most likely, the release will take place no later than next year. In any case, the company already has enough experience in the field of acoustics, has successfully shown itself in HomePod and AirPods and are obviously able to form the basis of a future product.

Interestingly, according to Bloomberg, Apple could introduce over-ear headphones before the end of this year. The accessory had to compete the decisions of the Beats and becoming a better analogue of the AirPods with the possibility of voice control and gesture support. However, over the past two months, the company has already held two presentations and none of them had even a hint of a device of this type. To count as a third event it would be overly optimistic.