In the foreseeable future the prices of Apple products could rise even more regardless of the will of their manufacturer. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump. According to him, he did not rule out the possibility of taxing the companies that import their equipment from China, and Apple, 10-, and 25-percent collection. Thus the head of state plans to encourage vendors to move production to the USA.

On the question of the correspondent, The Wall Street Journal about how it will change the price for the products of Apple, trump stressed that the final answer had not. At the moment the office of the President calculates the consequences that will entail the introduction of additional duties. According to trump, the 10-percent fee almost no impact on the price of the final product, allowing consumers to easily adapt to it, but with a 25% duty all the more complicated.

The fee is not a penalty

The introduction of import duties is intended to reduce the losses that the United States is from the fact that American companies assemble their products in China where they create jobs and pay taxes. An additional fee is not a penalty, as some think, but a kind of compensation that companies that want to save money and thus fueling the economy of another state, must pay to the Treasury in his homeland, says trump.

The only logical way to avoid paying duties, according to trump, is to move production to the United States. In this case, the company not only get rid of import duties but also from many local taxes. This will allow them to offset the increased cost of the labor of their workers and may even reduce the cost of some of the aspects affecting the cost of production of proprietary technology.