Siri runs the risk of never realizing its full potential, never finding popularity among users, if Apple will not allow for the development of the project third-party developers. About the founder of startups SIRI and Viv Labs, Dag Kittlaus said in an interview with Jim Cramer, the host of the show Mad Money on CNBC. According to the businessman, the policy of closure, which is the basis of almost all Apple products, is a road to nowhere, deprives them of the lion’s share of functions.

Unfortunately, voice assistants today are used primarily to perform only the simplest tasks, like activating a flashlight, set an alarm, or dial a phone number, says Kittlaus. But this list could be much wider, if in Cupertino realized that the ideas that generate it staff are insufficient for the full development of Siri. Very strange that Apple, having before it a clear example continues to ignore objective reality.

Siri as an open platform

“Remember 2007. When he was presented the first iPhone, it was about 9 preinstalled applications like “Weather” and “actions”. Nine months later they [Apple] introduced the App Store, through which users gained access to millions and millions of applications that changed the world. We want the same thing occurred with the help” — drew a parallel Kittlaus.

As a good example Kittlaus has led the voice assistant from Samsung, which he also had a hand. According to him, before the developers was to run Bixby as an open platform. For this, the businessman explained, was created a special set of tools that allows independent developers to edit Bixby almost as easy as Wikipedia by expanding its functionality.