Not so long ago we published the analysis of iFixit presents the latest Apple products – MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Finally is the turn to the updated iPad Pro. Experts of the workshop completely disassembled the product and studied the internal layout of the device is ready to issue its verdict on the maintainability of the new tablet. How much has changed the design of the iPad Pro (2018) compared to the predecessor?

For analysis were used for the model of the iPad Pro by 11 inches. Having gained access to the arrangement of the device, the first thing that found master is a dual battery and four speakers located on the sides of the tablet.

Removing the speakers and removing the logic Board, the experts gained access to the motherboard of the device. It is located on the processor A12X Bionic, two strips of memory production Micron and a total capacity of 4 GB, flash drive Toshiba controller sensor module from Broadcom, as well as components from other manufacturers.


Because of the abundance of glue, to dismantle the batteries was not so easy. However, iFixit experts have coped with this task. After reviewing the specifications, the master found the battery capacity 7 812 mAh, which is slightly larger than the iPad Pro is 10.5 inches.

With regard to face recognition Face ID — its design did not preterpela any significant changes, and the scanner form is almost indistinguishable from it in the iPhone X.

The advantages of iPad Pro masters iFixit attributed the absence of physical keys with Touch ID and modular connector USB Type-C. unfortunately, a huge amount of glue involved in the internal layout did not allow the tablet to obtain a high score. On a scale of maintainability, the new iPad Pro has been rated 3 out of 10 points, which puts him on a level with the recently introduced MacBook Air.