The appearance in the sale of iPhone XR and XS was the main reason for the increase in demand for the iPhone 8, according to Yahoo Finance, citing research analysts at Goldman Sachs and the Nikkei. This is due to the fact that “eight” was perhaps not the only smartphone on the market with screen sizes of 5 inches and acceptable for many balance of price and performance. It seems that not all necessary apparatus, as a substitute for tablet computers.

If the judge, it turns out that fans of compact smartphones, which once was a iPhone, had no other choice but iPhone 8. In any case, the iPhone 8 Plus pushes many precisely because of its size, comparable to the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone 7, which plays the role of the most affordable smartphone, the company is not so powerful as last year’s model, and has a significant disadvantage in the form of a missing-in wireless charging module.

Is it worth buying iPhone 8 in 2018

Great importance in the choice of plays and the issue price and the justification for it. 8 iPhone today is probably the most balanced Apple worthy of the attention of those who are not looking for the most disruptive technology of the principle of “to be”. First, it is as much as 400 dollars cheaper than the flagship iPhone XS, and, secondly, he has not had time to become outdated, because between him and the models of the current generation — just one year difference.

Actually, looking at what Apple is doing today, it seems that in Cupertino or conduct an experiment that can result in failure, or follow a carefully planned way that is simply incomprehensible to ordinary users. But, anyway, until everything resembles the first option. iPhone sales XR and XS are falling, consumers are increasingly choosing smartphones of previous years, and investors are kicking themselves, losing many billions on the stock market fluctuations.