12.9 inches – it does not limit the size of the display for the iPad, according to many consumers. It showed a public opinion poll conducted by 9To5Mac among its readers. Despite the fact that almost 55% of respondents agreed that the tablet should not be too large, the remaining respondents said that waiting for the release of tablets with displays that are comparable diagonally with professional equipment company.

According to almost a third of respondents, 12.9 inches is the minimum comfortable size of the display with whom you can work to professional users. But it would be far better, they suggest that Apple has added to the lineup branded “pill” models with a diagonal of 13.9 (size A4) and 15 inches. In this case, explain some of the iPad Pro could be used as a desktop tool that combines the best qualities of laptops and tablet computers.

iPad Pro 15″

About 14% of respondents emphatically stated that they would prefer an iPad Pro with a display even more than 15 inches. Mostly among them were artists and workers in related occupations who need to have a large space for drawing and working with graphics. However, there were those who wanted to increase the diagonal measurement of the iPad display only in the hope that it will encourage Apple to the translation of the tablets to a more functional version of the operating system.

Who needs an iPad Mini

It is very significant that iPad Mini is not interested in virtually anyone. Only a few respondents from more than 10 thousand timidly said that he would like to see in the lineup of Apple tablet with a diagonal of not more than 8 inches. According to them, it’s the perfect size to meet children’s needs and the tasks performed by adults. For example, with iPad Mini more comfortable to correspondence, messengers, and read books while holding the tablet with one hand.