The updated range iPad Pro (2018) came out to be extremely successful. This contributed to the higher productivity achieved at the expense of Apple A12X, and long battery life, and new form factor. No doubt, the iPad Pro (2018) is uncompromisingly option to buy now. But how it bypasses the speed of its predecessor? Let’s find out.

In comparison participated the basic model of the iPad Pro on the 11 and 10.5 inches. As the methods of testing used a range of comprehensive performance tests, the load as the CPU and the graphics subsystem. Here’s what happened:

Geekbench 4

CPU test:

iPad Pro (2018) — 5028 points in single core test, 18181 in multi-core

iPad Pro (2017) — 3976 points in single core test, in multi-core 9555

Test video (Metal):

iPad Pro (2018) — 42 270 points

iPad Pro (2017) — 31 259 points

As can be seen from the results, the current model of the iPad Pro was significantly faster than its predecessor. And this is considering the fact that the performance of the iPad Pro (2017) will not be called weak.

AnTuTu Benchmark

iPad Pro (2018) — 569 077 points

iPad Pro (2017) — 272 986 points

In this test, the performance gap was even more noticeable. The novelty is more than two times exceeded the performance of the iPad Pro (2017). This is a really impressive result.

AnTuTu HTML5 Test

iPad Pro (2018) — 49 959 points

iPad Pro (2017) — 41 304 points

Further was tested the capabilities of the devices in the HTML5 test. Interestingly, the final result of a new version of Apple surpassed the results of the previously tested devices. While the iPad Pro (2017) not far behind its competitor.


iPad Pro (2018) — 5 points 215

iPad Pro (2017) — 2 525 points

In the BaseMark graphics test, the iPad Pro (2018) once again ahead of his older brother. The difference, as stated on the face.

The export of 4K video

iPad Pro (2018) — 2:56

iPad Pro (2017) — 6:10

Finally, the possibility of the iPad Pro models tested in rendering a small project in Adobe Rush. The basis was taken 4K video at 60 frames per second. Novelty coped with this task much faster.

Summing up, it is safe to say that Apple representatives did not lie to us, talking about double the performance gain. However, such a big gap is observed only in synthetic tests. In real use, there is little difference, and both the tablet show themselves equally well.