Work more than half a free VPN from App Store, not to mention Google Play by the developers, which can be affiliated with the Chinese authorities, reports ZDNet, citing a study by experts of the portal Top10VPN. Many of them did not hide their links with government. This raises serious concerns about the safety of sensitive data and such services encrypt Internet traffic of users.

17 of the 30 most popular VPN apps analyzed by researchers Top10VPN, have confirmed ties with China. All of them belong to the supposedly independent developers, and some studios, in varying degrees, controlled by the Chinese government.

Top VPN threat


But even independent developers are not independent for real. Accordance with China’s laws, VPN providers should be required to become state registered for the purpose of supervision by the competent authorities. This, in turn, allows local authorities to carry out various checks, which include analysis of user traffic passing through the servers of the suppliers. How safe is it to judge is not necessary.

However, the fear is not only Chinese VPN, warn researchers. The vast majority of services (86%), allegedly offering a traffic encryption act contrary to generally accepted privacy practices, collecting user data and transmitting them to the side. Half of the total number of free VPN services are not equipped with any protective mechanisms and do not have a current support and willing users to help.