Along with the new iPad Pro during the second autumn of the presentation was presented the second generation Apple Pencil. The new version of the stylus has got an interesting feature — it can use magnetic attraction to the tablet and recharge its battery. It seems that manufacturers of protective covers for iPad was not ready for this innovation. It turned out that the covers do not allow you to charge the stylus-contact method — this requires a cutout, which covers at the moment simply no.

The existence of such problems confirmed well-known case manufacturer Speck. Representatives of the company stressed that the charge is denied not only their covers, but the options from rival manufacturers.

Our covers BalanceFolio and Presidio ProFolio for new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro prevent wireless charging, Apple Pencil 2, as the cases from most other manufacturers. In order to ensure full usability of the devices, we are preparing an updated series of products. Covers compatible with Apple Pencil 2 will be available in early 2019.

It is noteworthy that issue is not relevant to a less secure covers that do not cover the side faces of the tablet. For example, Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, designed specifically for iOS tablets and have a keyboard, does not cover the connector for mounting the stylus and does not interfere with charging.

In early November, was discovered one unpleasant feature Apple Pencil 2. Based on the information given on the official website of the company, the stylus is not compatible with older models of iPad Pro. The news, of course, upset many users — new Apple Pencil allows you to easily switch between tools by double-tapping on the touch region, and owners of older devices, this option is not available.