Voice assistant Siri is seriously lagging behind competitors in terms of features. Apple is constantly trying to improve it, for example, giving users the ability to add your own voice commands. Judging by the new patent, the developers intend to make another step to improve the assistant, to teach him to work without Internet connection. Fortunately, everything you need to implement the ideas the company has.

Currently assistant Siri understands what the user said, the words sending an anonymous voice recording to remote servers. Therefore, for the work of assistant Internet is necessary: the remote server converts the audio to text, and searching for information in the Network and provides it to the user.

In a new patent application the company describes the way to recognize voice commands right on the device without sending audio to remote servers. It is proposed to use the built-in system of modules consisting of elements for speech synthesis, processing, dialogues, phonetic alphabet and the module of natural language processing.

On the basis of the recognized words and the structure of the request, the assistant will be able to perform certain actions stored in the processing modules task flow and module maintenance. Among the predefined action, for example, the number of timer setting and playback stored in the internal memory of the songs.

The patent provides for cases when the device can connect to the Internet. The assistant will use the connection to improve the search result and access the Internet if you cannot recognize the command locally.

If the previous patents Apple seems to improve the use of the device in the rain is unlikely to be implemented in the near future, but this patent application seems quite feasible. Latest chipsets Apple is equipped with a engine Neural Engine to perform heavy tasks like face recognition — rather, he was a force and voice recognition.