With the release of iOS number 12.1, eliminating the so-called butirat, pictures with the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max started to get more detailed. This conclusion was made by journalists, Ai, comparing the quality of photos taken with the flagship smartphone Apple two versions of the operating system. The result, oddly enough, was even better than I could count most of the users do not tolerate regimes of beauty and excessive smoothing of objects in the frame.

The beam only changes in the algorithms of the shooting, which happened in iOS 12.1, appear in photographs taken in dark lighting conditions. After the update the camera stopped smooth the objects in the frame as fiercely, even while allowing some of the artifacts. Thus it was possible to increase the overall detail shots, which in most cases looks better than before, when small details were just washed away, hampering the possibility to even see them.

Selfie on iPhone XS and XS Max

But under natural light the difference of the XS iPhone running iOS 12.0 and 12.1 of iOS, was almost invisible because there was no need to use noise reduction algorithms. Buchheit, characteristic of the previous firmware was manifesting itself only in regions with a shadow of the objects that was in the picture. In General, to distinguish from each other photos taken on the iPhone with different OS versions in bright light proved to be very difficult.


Buchheit was heard after the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max. According to the owners, the front camera of their smartphones like the advanced processed images, reducing detail for the sake of smoothing. As it turned out later, this was due to the incorrect SmartHDR algorithms, which attempt to suppress the noise went too far, and thereby had a negative impact on the quality of the final work.