Apple is seriously considering the possibility of creating a cheap TV dongle to connect to the TV, the conceptual repeating Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick. It is reported by The Information citing sources familiar with the plans. The release of new products planned to launch a branded streaming video service to Apple, whose release is planned for 2019, to ensure access to the widest possible audience.

According to the interviewees The Information, future dongle will partially duplicate the functionality of Apple TV. However, in contrast to the already existing media player, the novelty is unlikely to provide the user the ability to run apps and games from the App Store, restricted access-proprietary and may third-party video services. However, a minimal set of features a positive impact on the price of the product, which is unlikely to exceed $ 35.

A similar Google Chromecast from Apple

Apple’s long been criticised for failing to produce its own rival Google Chromecast and Amazon’s firestick drill, which, needless to say, because of the low prices and the optimal set of features sell better than Apple TV. But in Cupertino believed that the “rat race” was not for her, preferring not to release products with the phrase “make it”, and striving for maximum efficiency. Think of a better reason than streaming services, even to think hard.

Apple plans to launch its own video service in March 2019. According to open sources, the company has high hopes for the future product, preparing for him a lot of exclusive TV shows, TV series, and possibly even a feature film. And in order to provide the new maximum coverage is planned to open access to users from more than 100 countries.