Presentation of new Apple devices are held in the Theatre of Steve jobs, reminiscent of a spaceship. The building is one of a kind — to maintain his individuality, the company patented the shape of a building and even its interior. Of course, the object has attracted the world’s attention and now, finally, received the award Structural Awards 2018. According to the jury, the builders managed to transform an ordinary object into something extraordinary.

Create theatre engaged in founded in 2004, a design firm Eckersley O’callaghan. She was able to exceed the expectations of the Apple and create high-tech construction with a special attention even to the smallest detail. The object is also remarkable that practically does not harm the environment by using recycled materials and landscaped Park.

The jury was impressed by the fact that the wires and tubes, which usually hang from the ceiling, nowhere to be seen. The pavilion theatre is the world’s largest structure made entirely from glass. It is covered with a roof made of carbon fiber, weighing 80 tons and held a 7-metre-high glass cylinder. Fire-prevention pipes, wires from the radio and the accessories are hidden in a 30-millimeter joints between glass panels. This creates the impression that between the floor and ceiling is nothing but glass.

In the center of the exhibition hall on a special stand, showing the latest flagship smartphones. Unfortunately, to approach them can only selected guests, but in our article of 23 October 2017 can be seen in the photos.