Despite the fact that before Christmas and the New year is more than a month, in the night from 20 to 21 November, Apple released a video about the impending holidays, called Share your Gifts. Unlike previous works, this was made entirely in cartoon format, resembling in style the work of Pixar, which, as you know, is directly related to the history of the “Apple” brand.

The short film tells the story of a girl, probably writing in Mac’s own story or even a series of stories that — whether out of fear of being misunderstood or innate shyness — resistant hides from everyone, including his own dog. Instead of having to submit his works to the judgment of even the closest, the heroine of commercials carefully hides them in a box, which closes to the makeshift lock of thread and the crest for hair, so no one could read them.

But one day, when the stories had enough to give the lock to close, the gust from the open window, a gust of wind blew the works of an aspiring writer on the streets and yards, revealing their contents to passersby. Oddly enough, but the work received the approval of the casual audience, giving the author a lot of unforgettable emotions and belief in miracles that happen for the New year.

According to the company, a short film filmed with a combined method. For example, almost all the sets were real, and the characters and special effects were drawn using computer graphics overlaid on pre-captured background. To see exactly how they filmed the movie Share your Gifts, for individual videos, which Apple also uploaded to your channel.