All of a sudden Apple today rolled out an updated build of iOS 12.1. Unlike watchOS 5.1.1, which was released to replace the recalled watch OS 5.1 and is available on all compatible models Apple Watch, the new iOS version 12.1 are solely for the iPhone XR. The update has a number 16B93 and, apparently, will be available for installation only on devices that have not installed the original iOS 12.1, released just over a week ago.

According to the description of the update proposed by Apple, it corrects a number of shortcomings and brings the system with several new features.

What’s new in iOS 12.1

  • Support for the eSIM;
  • A function of manual adjustment of bokeh;
  • Group calls to FaceTime;
  • More than 70 new emojis;
  • Fixed bucheit on the front camera.

Restrictions iOS 12.1

Support for the eSIM along with the group calls to FaceTime, is one of two innovations iOS 12.1, which have several limitations. For example, a virtual SIM card will not work in Russia, because the technology is equivalent to traditional cloning SIM cards and banned at the legislative level. With regard to group calls to FaceTime, this feature will be available only for iPhone not older than 6s due to hardware limitations of the underlying hardware.

How to download the updated iOS version 12.1

If you have not received a notification that an update is available, it is recommended to check for it manually. To do this, go to “Settings” — “General” — “Update “. The transition to the last tab initiates a search for available operating system updates and if available will offer to download them to your device. In the case that an updated build has not appeared, make sure that you have already installed the original build, whose release took place on the evening of 30 October.