Microsoft overtook Apple and became the most valuable company in the world, the American Nasdaq stock exchange. This happened on the background of falling shares of all technology companies, observed over the past few weeks. The incident was for the Corporation from Cupertino real blow that hit its capitalization by almost a third from their peak, observed last month.

Despite the fact that now the most valuable company in the world is Microsoft, while its market capitalization is not even close to a trillion dollars, as was the case with Apple. At the time of publication, 24 November, the total value of Microsoft, according to Nasdaq, is little more than 753 billion. Of course, this is a great figure, which, though far from a record, is unattainable for most players.

Blame iPhone XR?

The decline in the value of Apple shares with a subsequent drop in the capitalization began almost immediately after the release of iPhone XR. As reported by industry analysts, the demand for conventionally available to the company’s flagship was not as high as was expected by the manufacturer. Consumers found the device unnecessarily compromise for the price, which in turn caused a negative sentiment among investors, order to lose faith in Apple.

However, some analysts believe that now is the best time for them to purchase Apple stock. According to experts, in the coming months, the company’s securities will resume growth and will punch the next maximum. This will contribute to the release of several new products, which in Cupertino have high reliable. This includes branded video service Apple, which is already in the release day will be available in more than 100 countries, as well as affordable analog Apple TV with a retail price of about $ 35.