Apple has decided to resume production of the iPhone X, despite an official denial from the model, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the supply chain. Publishing interlocutors believe that in this way the manufacturer tries to minimize losses from reductions in the release of the flagship iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. This is due to the fact that demand for the devices actual generation was lower than originally planned.

Continue to supply the smartphone after the official announcement of the cessation of its production is quite in the spirit of Apple. In the same way the company did when de jure stopped sales of the iPhone 5s, but despite this, continued delivery of the apparatus to its partners for several years. So, Apple just responded to the demand for the model, which was popular among consumers from developing countries and Russia including.

Why Apple is forced again to release the iPhone X

But the situation with the iPhone X could be more complex, say sources to The Wall Street Journal. According to some, Apple decided to revive the release of “ten” not so much in hopes of high sales, how much of a necessity. Under the terms of the contract with Samsung, Apple has no right to order less than a certain amount of OLED panels, which the cupertinos in terms of reducing the production of the flagships of the current generation would be just out of place.

It is not known whether the return iPhone X on sale worldwide and will be exclusively available only in some regions. But even if Apple deliberately limit the geography of sales of “tens”, the question of where exactly it will be available, also remains open. Anyway, last year’s flagship because of its functionality is clearly not drawn to the title of the smartphone available, and therefore hardly justify the appearance on the markets of developing countries.