Most of the cases that protect the iPhone from damage and give a more interesting view, completely changing the tactile sensations from the devices. First, in some cases, they considerably increase the weight of the phone, and secondly — reduce the responsiveness of the power button and volume rocker. One of the technologies described in recent patent by Apple, capable of at least partially solve this problem with the help of small details added to the design of the covers.

We are talking about the tiny magnets that are proposed to be placed between the grooves of the cover under the keys, and by the buttons. Clicking on the cover, which is located under the key, the magnet will influence the power button and volume rocker, making a pleasant click. It is assumed that users will feel that they have a smartphone without a case.

Released the Apple case with this design, is still unknown. Perhaps it will take the idea of third-party accessory manufacturers. The second option sounds better just not having to the Apple relations company can produce pouches with a much attractive price.

Unfortunately, the patent application does not contain suggestions for reducing thickness and weight of the covers. Some manufacturers of accessories find the solution to the use of lightweight materials such as aramid. This synthetic fiber is of light weight and high strength, therefore, used in making bullet-proof vests and even space ships. Of course, for cases of unusual materials manufacturers ask a lot of money.