At the time of launch in 2012 a map service Apple Maps was clearly not ready for release: the routes were not accurate and informative. However, in recent years, the company seriously undertook its improvement. In 2015 to enrich maps with routes and buildings began to be used special cars. In mid-October on the streets of San Francisco were seen at all the person that collects the data about the bus stops. The company admitted that to improve the service going and user data.

According to Apple, users have nothing to fear. The data collected is not tied to specific users and not violate privacy of any one person. Collected information is used to enhance the information content of the service, for example, to Refine the curves of the roads.

The company also announced Hiking the employees who walk the streets of the cities. As suggested earlier, their backpacks are equipped with sensors to collect information about the roads. In the coming weeks they will be sent to the streets of Los Angeles and the County of Santa Clara. In the coming months the company will bring the special cars in the USA and the UK.

The result of the focus of the company on the cards already visible. In November, a researcher in the field of cartography Justin O beirn noticed that Apple Maps in some cases, ahead of Google Maps. In particular, we are talking about detailed maps now has more information about urban objects and areas far away from normal roads.