All Macs with a coprocessor T2 is really a subject to mandatory calibration after repair, which involves replacement of important components. This procedure is performed only by the Genius Bar or authorised service centres using proprietary software. The journalists of The Verge told the official Apple representatives. First, the information was unofficial in nature and could not be considered 100% reliable.

Coprocessor T2 is a critical component of modern Mac computers, responsible for the safety of stored data and the security of their owners. In particular, the “stone” is responsible for processing information received from the fingerprint scanner restricts operation of embedded microphones when you close the lid compatible laptops and also prevents the installation on the Mac distributions of third-party operating systems that do not have a digital signature, like Linux.

“Repair of Macs with the chip T2, providing for the replacement of some components can not be considered completed until until [the device] will not start a scan FOR AST 2, — report to Apple. — Failure to do so will prevent completion of repairs and inoperability of the entire system”.

Mac coprocessors T2

  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook Pro 2018
  • MacBook Air 2018
  • Mac Mini 2018

In the number of components whose replacement is impossible without further calibration Mac, includes the Touch ID sensor and the motherboard. Full list of spare parts, maintenance of which requires running diagnostic software in Cupertino did not disclose. However, as it turned out, the displays are not the sensitive elements can be replaced without performing calibration even at unauthorized service centers.