Last night it became known that Apple withdrew the signature iOS 12.0.1. This means that the owners of all compatible devices, at all desire will not be able to install this version of the mobile operating system. Thus, users now have a choice only between the current build of iOS 12.1 or the beta version of iOS 12.1.1. This practice of “prohibition of plants” is not new for Apple and has been used successfully for several years.

As a rule, Apple discontinues the signature outdated firmware after 2-3 weeks after the release of the current iOS build. Denying users the possibility of “rollback” Apple solves several fundamental problems characteristic of its main competitor in the field of mobile OS — Android. Using signature software, Apple is struggling with the fragmentation that is familiar to users of the Google operating system and also ensures high security and productivity thanks to the timely updates.

Recall that iOS 12.1 became available in late October. This update fixed many problems that were seen in the first assemblies of the twelfth version of the system. Developers are returned to the function group FaceTime calls, added about 70 new emojis, and the option to manually adjust the blur when shooting in portrait mode on the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

The company is also testing iOS 12.1.1, the release of which is expected in early December. In this minor update Apple will extend the capabilities of Haptic Touch iPhone in XR. Users will be able to “open” the notifications on the lock screen long hold, by analogy with the strong push for 3D Touch.