Smartphones and laptops are sure to enjoy great popularity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the voice assistant Siri and column HomePod, which is largely inferior to the counterparts from Google and Amazon. It seems that the company seriously intends to rectify the situation — it became known that she bought a Silk startup Labs. It was his achievements in the future capable of stimulating the ability of weak Apple services.

Startup Labs Silk a couple of years ago declared itself as a developer of “smart” speakers Sense. The device was positioned as a competitor Amazon Echo speakers, which at that time was already an interesting novelty, able to perform many tasks. Having a team of a dozen people, the startup was able to attract investments in the amount of approximately $ 4 million.

Despite a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Silk Labs canceled the release of the column Sense. The developers felt that it is better to focus on “major commercial opportunities” that await them in the future. Subsequently, they embarked on refining the platform Silk to become useful for third-party manufacturers.

In General, the Silk Labs and Apple have a common vision of future technologies. They both intend to use machine learning and realize the importance of protecting users ‘ privacy. By the way, that the protection of personal data can be a major advantage HomePod Home over Google and other competitors.

About the low popularity HomePod was announced in October. According to Strategy Analytics, the market of “smart” columns on 80% busy with the Google Home, and Amazon Echo. The Apple’s HomePod is only 4%. Assistant Siri has a lot of popularity but it lags far behind counterparts in terms of features.