Apple is working on creating a corporate tool to control sleep. This confirms the patent, found in the database of the Office for patents and trademarks USA, describes a system of piezoelectric transducer for placement on a bunk. They are designed to provide the most effective analysis of the quality of sleep of users, taking into account all the major indices by examining data on the movements in bed.

Over the past few years Apple is very advanced in the field of medical research that is well traced by the example of proprietary technology the company that is receiving more and more Wellness features. However, until now they were mainly aimed at monitoring the health of users in moments of activity, ignoring passive recreation in General and sleep in particular.

Piezoelectric analyzer sleep

The latest development of the company described in the patent, may be executed in two variations. The first looks like a thin belt, worn on the mattress at chest height of the user. The second is represented in the form of multiple small stickers that come in contact with the entire surface of the user’s body during sleep, and reads information not only about his movements, but also the areas of maximum pressure on the bed. This information will help you choose the right mattress that will take into account the anatomy of the user and promote relaxation during sleep.

Obviously, the company believes that software analyzers that are promoted by third-party developers in the App Store, not accurate enough to be used as a medical (or kolomeisky) tools. Anyway, the methods they use to obtain information about the quality of sleep of the user, it is highly controversial from the point of view of efficiency and, therefore, require revision, or at least some of the hardware basics.