In 2017, Apple figured out how to make communication in iMessage more interesting. She has presented animaze — animated masks, which replicate the facial expressions of users using the data from the sensor Face ID. At the moment the developers improve the function of adding new characters, but in the future they can surprise people by the introduction of sound effects. This is evidenced by the patent, published by the trademark office of the United States.

The patent application is entitled “Effects of voice on the basis of facial expressions”. It was filed in late February, 2018, but only made public on November 22. The document describes a technology that will recognize not only the expressions, but the words they pronounced.

The document describes three options for using audio data:

  • the user’s voice will be exactly repeated by a virtual character is almost the same, what can you do, animaze at the moment;
  • catechumens to the user will change with the help of special effects — the character will repeat the same words, but with his own voice;
  • the user will be able to produce a particular sound to be played in a more realistic — for example, the word “woof” character will make a real dog’s barking.

When updated, animaze will be available on iPhone and iPad and appear if at all — is still unknown. They can be implemented in expected in 2019 system iOS 13. In August designer Yaakov Rendina shared his vision of the future updates. In his opinion, the developers will introduce a new system of multitasking, dark theme and guest mode. Overall, it should improve the user experience for owners of iPads.