Apple products have never been cheap and available, and before it was justified by high quality, reliability and ease of use. However, those times are in the past, says the analyst of the Paris marks. Today’s Apple is not that company we used to see in the days of Steve jobs. Sky-high price of food, which every year become only more a great number of errors, questionable decisions and trade-offs – it seems that all this became an integral part of the current Apple.

The article was published on the platform Medium.

For many fans and followers of Apple and 2018 will be remembered not innovation, but the sudden rise in the prices of all products of the company. A simple example — in September, shows the new iPhone. Apple once again surprised the consumer of a new bar at 1099 dollars for a smartphone. And this just a year after the iPhone was shown to X at a cost of $ 999. Even the iPhone XR with a price of 749 dollars can not be called a good buy, because for less money in 2014 you can safely purchase the current flagship Apple.

Now look at Macs. In 2016, the company showed an updated MacBook Pro and the price immediately jumped by $ 200. Than justified the price increase, if we lost the usual ports and MagSafe and got a problematic keyboard “butterfly”? Remember also the recent announcement of the MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. “Air” the laptop went up by $ 200, and compact Apple computer — just 300.

I don’t know if I like Apple’s approach be described as “greed”. It seems to understand how users are bound by their ecosystem, and therefore did not hesitate to raise prices. Apple can justify a price hike of its products that it brings “innovation”, but we all know that this is not so.

And that Apple is clearly not going to stop. The following products are likely to become more expensive and this will continue until, until you find the limit of purchasing power for most consumers. It seems that now the management of the Corporation is interested only in financial performance, and everything else is secondary. And that’s all there is to know about the current Apple.