How to test Mac performance

24.11.2018 - MacBook
How to test Mac performance

For anybody not a secret that Macs have always been famous for trouble-free operation and high reliability. But any technology has a tendency to break down, and, at the most inopportune moment. If you have encountered problems during computer work, or simply want to test your Mac performance, it makes sense to use a built-in utility for diagnosis. What is it and what does it do? Let’s deal.

“Diagnostics Apple” or “Functional test Apple hardware” is, perhaps, the easiest way to learn about all obvious or hidden faults Mac. Brand utility is a complete diagnosis of the computer components, including cooling systems, wireless modules and various sensors and detectors.

To run the test on any Mac computer, regardless of make or operating system. Before the process of diagnosis you want to disable the firmware password, if used.

So, how to run a diagnostic on Mac?

For Macs released before June 2013, you must use preinstalled utility “function test Apple hardware”.

For Macs released after June 2013, you must use preinstalled utility “Apple Diagnostics”.

The full list of possible errors you can see on this page.

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