Than the iPad Pro better than a computer?

20.11.2018 - iPad
Than the iPad Pro better than a computer?

In late October, Apple introduced an updated iPad Pro, which is separated improved facial recognition system Face ID and twice the power compared to previous models. The company believes that the new product can completely replace the computer, and found his statement five confirmations. Of course, each of them is associated with its main features: high performance, portability, and support accessories.

According to Apple, users can abandon computers in favor of the iPad Pro for the following reasons:

People find less obvious advantages of the tablet. For example, Reddit users have discovered that it can firmly attach to the surface of the metal. The fact that inside the device there’s about a hundred powerful magnets. Originally they are designed for proper interaction with iPad Pro covers the Apple and Pencil.

With all the above advantages, in some cases, the iPad cannot replace a computer. For example, it is difficult to do web development and work with multiple applications simultaneously. Also, the tablet is not fully working with third-party devices: for example, external display only duplicates the screen, rather than supplementing it.

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